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Art Supplies Mediums, Varnishes & Fixatives

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Tim Holtz Rubber Stamp Always Know Stampers Anonymous J3-1099 $9.79
Tim Holtz Rubber Stamp Circle Numbers Holiday 2011 Stampers Anonymous $12.99
Tim Holtz Rubber Stamp Lucky 13 Card Stampers Anonymous $10.99
Jacquard Vinegar Acid Dye 1 2 Oz Selected Colors $4.99
Tim Holtz Rubber Stamp Definitions Stampers Anonymous K4-1251 $10.19
Graham 8 Oz Walnut Oil Medium For Oil Paints New $8.99
Tim Holtz Rubber Stamp Disorderly Stampers Anonymous K2-1546 $10.19
Encaustic Damar Wax Medium 1 Lb. $14.95
Tim Holtz Rubber Stamp February Month Stampers Anonymous J1-1265 $9.79
Golden Seconds 16oz Of Gel For Acrylic Paint $3.00
Tim Holtz Rubber Stamp Vintage Witch K2-1613 Stampers Anonymous $10.19
Tim Holtz Rubber Stamp Blustery Snowman Stampers Anonymous M1-1449 $10.99
Cold Pressed Linseed Oil 4oz Williamsburg $14.95
Tim Holtz Rubber Stamp Little Words Holiday 2011 $9.79
Tim Holtz Rubber Stamp Floral Border Stampers Anonymos $10.99
Tim Holtz Rubber Stamp The Cage Bird Birdcage Stampers Anonymous $10.99
Tim Holtz Rubber Stamp Calendar Stampers Anonymous M2-1287 $10.99
Buy American Save America Bumper Sticker & Lists Of Products Made In U.s.a. $7.99
Aleene's Weather Resistant True Snow 4oz Tub - New $6.75
Tim Holtz Rubber Stamp Darling Girl Stampers Anonymous K1-1100 $10.19
Claudine Hellmuth Studio Black Gesso Primer $3.99
Krylon Triple-thick Crystal Clear Glaze 6oz $5.43
Stand Oil Polymerized Linseed Oil 4oz Williamsburg $12.95
Claudine Hellmuth Studio Extra Time Medium (slow Dry) $4.75
Tim Holtz Rubber Stamp Joyful Holiday 2011 Stampers Anonymous $10.99
Blair 4.75 Oz. Very Low Odor Spray Fixative New $5.99

Website Where Found

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Sat Jan 24 2015

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