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Art from Dealers & Resellers Sculpture, Carvings

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Signed Fulton Red Lustre Anemone Art Glass Sculpture $104.00
Ship From U.s Boxwood Hand Carved Netsuke Sculpture Seated Monkey Thinking $10.99
Handcraft Boxwood Wood Netsuke Rhinoceros Nbw1177 $6.50
Handmade Boxwood Netsuke Insect On Horse $7.99
Bronze Sanyangkaitai $129.99
0546 Excellent Chinese Jade Pig $18.00
J1786_chinese Hongshan Style Jade Mask Carving $60.00
0551 Excellent Chinese Jade Fish $18.00
0560 Excellent Chinese Jade Human $18.00
Vintage Unique Handcarved Wood Serpent Dragon Sculpture $275.00
J1784_chinese Hongshan Style Jade Pig Dragon Carving $60.00
Lbb00097 Chinese Ox Bone Teapot Shaped Vintage Carving Work Display $5.99
J1785_chinese Hongshan Style Jade Beast Carving $60.00
Ship From U.s Boxwood Hand Carved Netsuke Sculpture Strong Horse Walking $9.99
1680g 12"remarkable Hemo Jade Phoenix Head Statue 4801 $480.00
Handcraft Boxwood Netsuke Dragon Bead Nbw1132 $6.50
Ship From U.s Vintage Soapstone Hand Crafted 12 Zodiac Animals Tripod Figurine $599.99
Antique Vintage Solid Wood Carved Lion Sculpture 15"lng $165.00
0557 Excellent Chinese Jade Bi $28.00
Ox Bone Carved Elephant Figure $350.00
4.2"chinese Hongshan Jade "o" Oval Bi Pendant 3517 $188.00
Handmade Boxwood Wood Netsuke Monkey Nbw1166 $6.99
Chinese Old Jade Carved Dragon & Phoenix Pendant 2528 $99.00
720g 7.3"hongshan Jade Dragon Head Spoon Statue 4617 $99.00
9.4"nautral Jade Hand Carved Crown Statue 4922 $48.00
Lovely Nephrite Jade Carved&cicada Pendant $89.00
0555 Excellent Chinese Jade Liangzhu $18.00
3.4"qing Jade Carved Double Drgon Pendant 4784 $9.99
4.5"chines Hongshan Jade Thin Oval-shaped Pendant 3660 $200.00
Carved Boxwood Netsuke Carving Head On Cylinder $9.99
0552 Excellent Chinese Jade Dragon $8.00
Chinese Old Jade Double Dragon Thin Bi Pendant 2469 $1088.00
Hand Carved Boxwood Netsuke Pig Silver Nbw796 $6.50
Beautifully Detailed Solid Oak Martigra Creo Carving $1199.00
Chinese Hongshan Jade Cicada Pendant $28.00
Ship From U.s Boxwood Hand Carved Netsuke Sculpture Lovely Seated Deer $10.99
2.2"chinese Jade Carving Dragon&phoenix Pendant 1276 $18.00
0547 Excellent Chinese Jade Beast $15.00
High-density,hand Carved Boxwood Wood Netsuke Carving Japanese Woman Bathe $9.99
4.1"chinese Jade Headdress Statue 4806 $48.00
Venus De Milo Statue 72" Greek Lefesize Museum Replica $1399.00
Ivory Coast Wood Carved Wall Sculpture $40.00
Antique Lapiz Lazuli Carved Parrot $145.00

Website Where Found

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Sat Jan 31 2015

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