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Direct From The Artist Mixed Media & Collage

Website Where Found

Summer Gown 5 Skeleton Leaf Aceo $4.00
Amy Winehouse Stencil Record $7.00
Aceo Original Redhead Goddess Hiking Mountaintop View Mountains $3.99
Daft Punk Stencil Record $7.00
Kanye West Stencil Record $7.00
Coca Cola Stencil Record $7.00
New Domino Art Collage Sheet 1" X 2" Images #3 $2.25
Freddie Mercury Queen Stencil Record $7.00
Michael Jackson Stencil Record $7.00
Bob Dylan Stencil Record $7.00
Mixed Media Aceo Art Card $2.00
Lil Wayne Stencil Record $7.00
Kurt Cobain Nirvana Stencil Record $7.00
Cat On Table Ruth Freeman Mixed Media 8" X 11" $20.00
Johnny Cash Stencil Record $7.00
Notorious B.i.g. Biggie Stencil Record $7.00
Jim Morrison Stencil Record $7.00
Brian Wilson Beach Boys Stencil Record $7.00
Mixed Media Page Corner Bookmark $0.99
Original Victorian Style, Fabric Textile-antique Lace,religious Relic Card $22.99
Abstract Aceo Art Card - Praise Inspiration $2.00
Mixed Media Collage - "please Come Home" $6.99
Bruce Springsteen Stencil Record $7.00
David Bowie Stencil Record $7.00
Elvis Stencil Record $7.00
The Beatles Stencil Record $7.00
Captain Beefheart - Original Mixed Media Assemblage $15.00
Bon Jovi Stencil Record $7.00
Jimi Hendrix Stencil Record $7.00
Mermaid Fairy Girl Shadowbox Fridge Magnet W Swarovski $7.99
Mick Jagger Rolling Stones Stencil Record $7.00
Symphony In Blue, Original Mixed Media $370.00
Keith Richards Rolling Stones Stencil Record $7.00

Website Where Found

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Sun Feb 1 2015

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